IIT-graduate Jayant Nahata, rank 56 UPSC 2020, advises focusing on prelims, emphasizing current affairs, NCERTs, strategy, revision, and positive outlook.

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Education and Achievement:

Hailing from Kolkata, Jayant Nahata showcased academic brilliance from a young age. After his intermediate studies, he successfully cleared the JEE exam. He then pursued his engineering dreams at IIT, obtaining both B.Tech and M.Tech degrees from IIT Delhi. However, his ultimate goal was the civil services. He remarkably secured an All India Rank of 56 in the UPSC Exam 2020, on his third attempt.

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Origins and Early Life:

While Jayant is originally from Kolkata, much of his academic and preparatory journey unfolded in Delhi. His innate intelligence was evident early on, leading him to the prestigious IITs post intermediate school.

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Career Choices:

Post-graduation from IIT Delhi, Jayant was inundated with lucrative job offers. Nevertheless, his vision was clear; he wanted to serve the country through the civil services. To achieve this, he adopted a refined and calculated strategy to tackle the UPSC exams.

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Consistent Prelims Performance:

Jayant’s dedication bore fruit in his third UPSC attempt. Notably, he consistently performed well in the prelims across all his attempts.

Key to Prelims Success:

According to Jayant, aspirants should prioritize the UPSC Prelims Exam. He emphasizes the importance of staying updated with current affairs and bolstering foundational knowledge with NCERT books.

IAS jayant nahata
IAS jayant nahata

The Road to UPSC:

Jayant’s mantra for UPSC preparation encompasses relentless progress coupled with an astute strategy. He underscores the significance of hard work, strategic planning, repeated revision, diligent answer writing practice, and maintaining an unwavering positive attitude for assured success.