Priyank Kishore’s journey to becoming an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer is a tale of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of dreams. His story is particularly inspiring because it demonstrates the power of perseverance and self-belief in the face of challenges.

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Initial Success and Ambition:

In the UPSC exams of 2019, Priyank Kishore emerged as a topper, securing an impressive All India Rank of 61. However, this was not his first brush with success in the UPSC exams.

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First Attempt and Selection in Indian Accounts and Audit Service:

In his first attempt, Priyank had achieved a rank of 274. While this was a commendable feat, it led to his selection in the Indian Accounts and Audit Service, which wasn’t aligned with his ultimate goal.

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Aspiration for IAS and Second Attempt:

Despite his initial success, Priyank’s dream was always to become an IAS officer. Unwilling to settle for anything less than his dream, he decided to retake the UPSC exam. His determination and hard work bore fruit in his second attempt, where he improved his ranking significantly and achieved his dream of becoming an IAS officer.

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Importance of Self-Confidence and Positive Attitude:

Priyank attributes much of his success to maintaining a positive attitude and having self-confidence. He believes that these qualities are essential to excel in the UPSC exams. A positive mindset, according to him, enhances performance and helps in overcoming the rigors of this challenging exam.

The Role of Self-Confidence in Overcoming Obstacles:

He also stresses the importance of self-confidence, especially in the preliminary stages of the UPSC exams. He advises that the prelims should be taken very seriously as they are the first step in the UPSC journey and a stumbling block for many aspirants.

IAS Priyank Kishore

Learning from Failures:

After securing rank 274 in the UPSC 2018, Priyank didn’t let his confidence waver. Instead, he viewed it as an opportunity to identify and work on his weaknesses. He meticulously analyzed his first attempt, identifying areas for improvement.

Hard Work and Improved Strategy in Second Attempt:

In preparation for his second attempt, Priyank focused on honing his answer-writing skills and dedicated himself to rigorous study. His relentless effort and improved strategy were key to his success in securing the IAS position he had always desired.

Priyank Kishore’s journey is a testament to the fact that with hard work, a positive outlook, and self-confidence, even lofty goals like becoming an IAS officer are achievable. His story serves as an inspiration for UPSC aspirants and anyone striving to turn their dreams into reality.

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