In the challenging world of competitive exams, the story of Alok Kumar, who emerged as an IAS topper, is a testament to resilience and the effectiveness of self-study. Alok’s journey to becoming an Indian Administrative Service officer is an inspiring tale of overcoming initial setbacks to achieve remarkable success.

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Alok Kumar’s Journey to IAS Success

Alok Kumar’s determination and hard work paid off when he secured the All India Rank of 41 in the UPSC exam of 2018. What makes his achievement more commendable is that this success came on his second attempt. His initial failure did not deter him but instead fueled his drive to succeed.

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The Importance of Self-Study in Alok’s Success

Alok strongly believes in the power of self-study. During his first attempt, he faced challenges and made mistakes that hindered his success. However, he learned from these setbacks. By focusing more on self-study in his second attempt, he corrected his previous errors, leading to his ultimate success and the fulfillment of his dream.

The Myth of Coaching in UPSC Preparation

There’s a common belief that coaching is essential for success in UPSC exams. Like many others, Alok initially joined a coaching institute. Despite his efforts and preparation, his first attempt did not yield the desired results, challenging the conventional wisdom about the necessity of coaching.

A Shift to Self-Study and a Successful Second Attempt

Faced with initial failure, Alok made a strategic decision to leave coaching and concentrate on self-study. He meticulously analyzed and corrected his past mistakes, adopting a more self-reliant approach. This shift in strategy proved effective, and his hard work was rewarded with a much-improved performance in his second attempt.

Alok’s UPSC Strategy and the Resulting Success

Alok’s approach in his second attempt was more focused and strategic. He emphasized understanding the UPSC syllabus thoroughly and selecting appropriate study material. This allowed for more efficient revision and a deeper grasp of the content. His methodical preparation paid off, and he achieved the 41st rank, culminating his three-year UPSC journey.

IAS Alok Kumar
IAS Alok Kumar

The Role of Revision and Self-Assessment in UPSC Preparation

Alok advocates for regular revision and self-assessment. He stresses the importance of testing oneself periodically to gauge the level of preparation. Identifying and rectifying mistakes is crucial, according to Alok. Continuous improvement and a better-prepared second attempt were key to his success.

Alok Kumar’s journey is a clear demonstration that while coaching may provide guidance, it is self-study, perseverance, and a well-planned strategy that truly pave the way to success in UPSC exams. His story serves as an inspiration for many aspiring civil servants, showing that setbacks can be stepping stones to greater achievements.

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