IND vs ENG: In an unfiltered expression of his sentiments, former Team India coach Ravi Shastri has raised eyebrows by questioning England’s dismal performance in the World Cup 2023. The defending champions, according to Shastri, have hardly exhibited the caliber one would expect from a team that once held the title of world champions.

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England’s Downfall:

Despite entering the World Cup 2023 as the defending champions, England’s performance has been nothing short of disappointing. The team, which took home the coveted trophy in 2019, has been a shadow of its former self this year. With only one win to its name, England languishes at the bottom of the points table after losing five of its six matches.

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An Unexpected Hierarchy:

IND vs ENG: What makes England’s performance even more glaring is the fact that underdog teams like the Netherlands and Afghanistan are performing better. These teams, with fewer resources and less experience at this level, have shown a fighting spirit that’s missing in the English camp.

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Shastri’s Blunt Assessment:

Known for his straightforward commentary, Ravi Shastri did not mince words while reflecting on England’s dire straits during the India vs. England match. He highlighted the team’s lackluster innings against New Zealand, South Africa, and Sri Lanka, remarking, “They were all out in 20 overs against South Africa and 30 overs against Sri Lanka. Today, against India, they lost 8 wickets in just 32 overs. And yet, they have the audacity to call themselves world champions?”

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England’s Solitary Triumph:

IND vs ENG: Amidst the series of defeats, England’s only moment of pride came with their victory over Bangladesh. However, their one-sided losses against formidable teams such as New Zealand, Afghanistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and, of course, India, have stolen the sheen off that singular win.

Fading Hopes:

Given the present scenario, England’s journey to the semi-finals appears bleak. Their uninspiring performances have not only shocked their ardent fans but have also stirred debates about the team’s preparation and strategies for this premier event.

World Cup 2023 ENG Team Sad
World Cup 2023 ENG Team Sad

IND vs ENG: While cricket is an unpredictable game where fortunes can change rapidly, England’s current form has indeed prompted pundits like Shastri to raise valid concerns. Only time will tell if England can turn things around in the future tournaments and reclaim their erstwhile glory.

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