The Civil Services Examination, convened by the UPSC, is a grueling test of not just an aspirant’s academic prowess but also their determination and resilience. One such tale of perseverance and tenacity is that of Anand Sharma.

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An Unusual Transition:

Dr. Anand Sharma, after completing his MBBS, took an unconventional path. Instead of delving into the medical profession, he chose to chase his dream of becoming an IAS officer. However, the journey wasn’t smooth; he faced setbacks not once, not twice, but thrice.

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Indomitable Spirit:

Despite the repeated setbacks, Anand’s spirit remained unbroken. His consistent efforts and unwavering determination finally bore fruit when he secured the All India Rank 662 in his fourth attempt, allowing him to don the coveted title of an IAS officer.

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The Genesis of a Dream:

Anand’s ambition wasn’t a lifelong one. It sprouted during his MBBS years. Upon completing his medical degree, instead of venturing into medical practice or further studies, he embarked on his UPSC journey.

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A Series of Disappointments:

The UPSC examinations are known for their unpredictability, and Anand’s initial attempts stand testament to this. Despite his commendable dedication, he faced defeat in his first and second attempts. However, he remained undeterred.

The Third Attempt:

Fuelled by previous setbacks and armed with more preparation, Anand approached his third attempt with renewed vigor. Yet, the result remained unchanged, adding to his list of unsuccessful attempts.

Changing the Game Plan:

Realizing that merely working hard might not be enough, Anand introspected and revamped his preparation strategy. He identified his weaknesses, worked on them, and strengthened his strong points even further. His revised methodology, combined with a dash of good fortune, finally led him to achieve his dream in the fourth attempt.

IAS Anand Sharma
IAS Anand Sharma

Anand Sharma’s journey epitomizes that success in UPSC isn’t just about intelligence or hard work. It’s about persistence, strategy, and the courage to stand up after every fall. His story serves as an inspiration to every UPSC aspirant and is a reminder that with the right approach and indomitable spirit, one can overcome any challenge.

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