The Indian Civil Services exam, commonly known as UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), is one of the most challenging competitive examinations in the country. Every year, thousands of aspirants burn the midnight oil to crack this prestigious exam, with only a handful managing to clinch the top ranks. Among these few shining stars is Chandrajyoti Singh, whose extraordinary journey to success stands out as an inspiration for many.

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The Self-taught Prodigy

Chandrajyoti Singh defied conventional wisdom by preparing for the rigorous UPSC exam without the aid of any coaching. Instead of relying on others, he believed in his self-study approach, showing that success isn’t always about external support but internal resilience and determination.

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Stellar First Attempt

At just 22 years old, Chandrajyoti not only cracked the 2019 UPSC exam but managed to secure an impressive 28th rank, all on his first attempt. It’s a remarkable achievement that showcases his dedication and meticulous preparation.

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Rooted in Discipline and Change

Both of Chandrajyoti’s parents served in the army. Consequently, he spent his childhood moving between different cities, imbibing discipline, adaptability, and a strong sense of purpose from his environment. His college years were spent at the prestigious St. Stephen’s College in Delhi, where he completed his graduation.

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A Dream Nurtured from Childhood

Chandrajyoti was not someone who stumbled upon the idea of joining the civil services late in life. His ambition was clear from his early years. The allure of the civil service field resonated with him, and he aspired to make a mark in it.

One Year, One Goal

Upon graduation, Chandrajyoti dedicated an entire year to UPSC preparation. His unwavering focus ensured that in just 12 months, he not only cleared the exam but also secured a position among the top rankers.

The Strategy of Balance

His preparation method was uniquely structured. Mornings were dedicated to General Studies, laying a strong foundation. The latter half of the day was set aside for diving deep into his optional subjects. This balance ensured a comprehensive understanding of all topics.

Evolving Study Patterns

Initially, Chandrajyoti committed 6-8 hours daily for studies. However, as the examination neared, he intensified his regime, studying up to 10 hours a day. And, upon completing the syllabus, he smartly enrolled in a test series to familiarize himself with the exam pattern and refine his approach.

The Power of Practice and Revision

Chandrajyoti recognized the importance of mock tests. He took as many as he could, emphasizing answer writing. He firmly believed that while knowledge is essential, the ability to articulate it effectively under exam conditions is crucial. Post-syllabus completion, he dedicated substantial time to answer writing and revision, ensuring he was ready to tackle any question.

IAS Chandrajyoti Singh
IAS Chandrajyoti Singh

Chandrajyoti Singh’s journey to UPSC success is not just about his outstanding achievement but the manner in which he achieved it. His story underscores the importance of self-belief, dedication, and the right strategies. His advice to all aspirants is clear: focus on revisions and practice writing answers. His journey is a testament that with the right approach and dedication, one can achieve their dreams.

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