In a society where academic grades often determine one’s potential, Junaid Ahmad’s tale stands out as a testament to perseverance and the indomitable human spirit. Let’s delve deep into the transformative journey of Junaid Ahmad, who moved from being a second-division student to securing a stellar position in the UPSC rankings.

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A Lengthy Pursuit of Excellence:

The path to becoming an IAS officer wasn’t a sprint for Junaid; it was a marathon. Spanning over seven arduous years, his journey towards this esteemed position saw numerous ups and downs.

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Roots in Bijnor:

Junaid hails from the town of Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh. His formative educational years unfolded in this town, and while he was consistently an average student, his dreams were anything but ordinary.

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Higher Education and a Pivotal Decision:

Junaid furthered his academic journey at Aligarh Muslim University for a while before completing his graduation from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). Despite never scoring above 60% throughout his academic life, Junaid harbored a formidable dream: to become an IAS officer.

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Beginning the UPSC Journey:

To turn his dream into reality, Junaid embarked on the challenging road of UPSC preparation. He opted for residential coaching at Jamia, immersing himself in the intense regimen of study and self-discipline.

Setbacks and Persistence:

Like many aspirants, Junaid faced setbacks. His initial three attempts didn’t yield the desired results. But where many might have been deterred, Junaid saw these failures as stepping stones, maintaining his unwavering commitment to his goal.

A Glimpse of Success with Room for Improvement:

The fourth attempt marked Junaid’s first taste of success, although with a rank of 352, he didn’t secure the coveted IAS service. For many, this would be an achievement in itself, but Junaid wasn’t satisfied. He had a clear vision of his destination.

The Grand Triumph:

Unyielding in his determination, Junaid gave the UPSC examination another shot. And his perseverance bore fruit – he secured the impressive All India Rank 3 on his fifth attempt. Seven years, countless hours of study, and an unwavering spirit finally saw Junaid realize his dream.

IAS  Junaid Ahmed
IAS Junaid Ahmed

Junaid Ahmad’s story is a powerful reminder that success is not solely the domain of academically brilliant individuals. It belongs to those who dream, persist, and relentlessly chase their goals, regardless of the odds. His journey underscores the timeless adage – “It’s not about where you start but where you finish.”

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