Maruti Suzuki’s new Alto K10 is making waves in the Indian four-wheeler market, offering a powerful engine and impressive mileage at an affordable price. The car comes with a 1.0-liter engine that generates 65 bhp of power on petrol and 55 bhp on CNG. It offers a mileage of 25 km/liter on petrol and 36 km/kg on CNG, which is the highest in its segment.

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Popularity in the Indian Market The Alto brand has always enjoyed a warm reception in India, with its vehicles recognized for their fuel efficiency, pocket-friendly maintenance, and dependable performance. This latest model, the Alto K10, seems to be no exception, quickly climbing the ranks of popularity among Indian car enthusiasts.

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Mileage: The Ultimate Selling Point Fuel efficiency remains one of the key considerations for Indian consumers. With the soaring fuel prices, a car that promises more kilometers for every liter becomes instantly attractive. The Alto K10’s exceptional fuel efficiency sets it apart, delivering an impressive 25 kilometers per liter on petrol. Moreover, for those leaning towards a more eco-friendly fuel choice, the car offers a commendable 36 kilometers per kilo on CNG.

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Maintenance: Easy on the Pocket While purchasing a vehicle might be a one-time investment, maintaining it is an ongoing expense. The Alto K10’s annual maintenance costs are refreshingly affordable, averaging around 6,000 rupees. This cost-effective feature is particularly attractive to first-time car buyers and those looking for a secondary vehicle for their families.

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Safety and Features: No Compromises Despite its competitive pricing, Maruti Suzuki hasn’t skimped on essential features. The new Alto K10 is generously equipped with modern amenities and safety provisions. From airbags, ABS, and EBD to ensure a safe drive, to the convenience of rear parking sensors and an infotainment system for an enhanced driving experience, this car checks many boxes. Additionally, features like central locking and an engine immobilizer provide an added layer of security.

Design: A Modern Twist The revamped Alto K10 sports a refreshing design, moving away from its traditionally angular appearance to a more curved and contemporary look. This evolution in design not only makes it more visually appealing but also aligns it with modern automotive aesthetics.

Pricing and Variants The new Alto K10 is priced to attract. With the base variant priced tantalizingly close to the three lakh mark at 3.99 lakhs and the premium variant available for 5.96 lakhs, there’s an Alto K10 for every budget.

For potential buyers eager to explore more about this exciting new offering, Maruti Suzuki’s official website serves as the go-to hub for all information.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10
Maruti Suzuki Alto K10


Maruti Suzuki has launched its new Alto K10 car in India, with a starting price of just four lakhs. The car is gaining popularity in the Indian market and is known for its mileage. The Alto K10 comes with a powerful engine and offers good fuel efficiency, with a mileage of 25 kilometers per liter on petrol and 36 kilometers per kilo on CNG. It is also one of the most affordable cars in terms of maintenance, costing around 6,000 rupees annually. The car is equipped with features such as airbags, ABS, EBD, rear parking sensors, infotainment system, central locking, and engine immobilizer. The design of the new Alto K10 has been refreshed, with a more curved and modern look. The car is priced competitively, with the base variant starting at 3.99 lakhs and the top-end variant at 5.96 lakhs. For more information, customers can visit Maruti’s official website.