Perseverance is the foundation of success. Pari Bishnoi’s journey through the rigorous UPSC examination process is a testament to this fact. This tale is about a young woman’s unwavering determination and how, despite facing setbacks twice, she emerged victorious in her third attempt.

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Ajmer’s Gem

Hailing from the historic city of Ajmer, Pari was born to Meenaram Bishnoi, a practicing advocate, and Sunila Bishnoi, who served in the GRP in Ajmer. This blend of law and public service in her household likely influenced her decision to pursue civil services.

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Academic Pursuits

Pari’s foundational education was shaped at St. Mary’s Convent School in Ajmer. Following her schooling, she moved to the nation’s capital, securing her Bachelor’s degree from the prestigious Delhi University. It was during these formative college years that the idea of joining the civil services took root in her mind. Concurrently, Pari juggled her graduation studies with her early preparations for the civil services.

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Not one to rest on her laurels, after her graduation, she continued her academic journey, earning a postgraduate degree in Political Science from MDS University, Ajmer.

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Journey Towards Civil Services

While immersed in her studies, Pari simultaneously undertook the Herculean task of preparing for the Civil Services Examination. As a testament to her academic prowess, she even cleared the GRF exam during this period. Yet, her heart and focus remained set on the coveted UPSC.

The UPSC examination, known for its demanding nature and extensive syllabus, presented a significant challenge. In her first attempt, Pari faced disappointment, and, unfortunately, her second attempt also did not yield the desired result.

Triumph Against All Odds

For many, two consecutive failures might signal the end of a dream, but not for Pari. Instead of succumbing to disillusionment, she used her setbacks as fuel. With renewed vigor, resilience, and an indomitable spirit, Pari approached the UPSC examination for the third time.

Her relentless efforts and unwavering determination finally bore fruit in 2019 when she not only passed the UPSC exam but secured an impressive 30th rank.

IAS Pari Bishnoi
IAS Pari Bishnoi

Pari Bishnoi’s journey serves as a beacon of hope for aspirants across the nation. It is a stirring reminder that with determination, hard work, and belief in oneself, one can overcome any challenge and realize their dreams.