Every year, the UPSC examination, famed for its rigorous nature and broad syllabus, witnesses thousands of aspirants vying for a few prized positions. Amidst this fierce competition, Yash Jaluka, hailing from a modest village in Jharkhand, emerged as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing that sheer determination can overcome any obstacle.

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An Imposing Achievement from Humble Beginnings

Yash’s journey to becoming a UPSC topper is a testament to his relentless hard work and dedication. His roots, anchored in a quaint Jharkhand village, never deterred his high-flying dreams.

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A Self-Made Success

In an era where coaching institutions dominate the preparatory landscape, Yash chose to tread his own path. Eschewing conventional coaching, he relied on his perseverance and diligence, realizing his civil services dream through his independent efforts.

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Delhi Days and Academic Pursuits

Venturing out of Jharkhand post his schooling, Delhi beckoned Yash for his higher studies. Here, he undertook his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Commerce, laying a robust academic foundation.

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A Singular Vision for Civil Services

During his time in Delhi, Yash felt the pull of the civil services. Choosing to depend on his own resources and capabilities, he embarked on his preparation journey. A firm believer in self-study, Yash’s strategy was marked by determination and meticulous planning.

Crafting a Thoughtful Strategy

For Yash, strategy formulation began with the selection of his optional subject. Given his academic background in commerce, he chose it as his optional, aligning his strengths with his preparation. Armed with a well-structured schedule and leveraging the internet, Yash’s dedication bore fruit as he clinched success in his very first attempt.

Yash’s Golden Tips for UPSC Aspirants

According to Yash, the path to UPSC success lies in a well-considered strategy rooted in the syllabus. Emphasizing the significance of self-study, he recommends crafting short notes, regular revisions, and consistent answer-writing practice. Self-analysis is crucial, he believes. Identifying one’s areas of improvement and working towards rectifying them ensures a holistic preparation.

IAS Yash Jaluka
IAS Yash Jaluka

Yash Jaluka’s story stands as a compelling narrative, reinforcing the idea that with the right approach, dedication, and self-belief, even the most formidable challenges can be conquered. His journey offers invaluable insights and inspiration to countless UPSC aspirants, proving that the journey to success can be charted on one’s own terms.

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