Suzuki Burgman Hydrogen
Suzuki Burgman Hydrogen

Suzuki Burgman Hydrogen: The automobile market in the country is witnessing an influx of vehicles with advanced features. Along with the changing times, these vehicles are undergoing significant transformations. While in the past, most people preferred buying petrol and diesel vehicles, the scenario has changed with the emergence of CNG and electric vehicles.

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Adding to the wave of change, Suzuki has created a buzz in the market by introducing its first hydrogen scooter, Burgman Hydrogen. The company plans to unveil it at the Mobility Conference 2023 in Japan later this month. According to Suzuki, the development of hydrogen engines is one of their efforts towards achieving carbon neutrality.

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It is worth mentioning that Suzuki is not the only automobile company working on hydrogen-powered two-wheelers in India. The US-based Triton Electric, which recently entered the Indian market, is also working on hydrogen scooters. The company claims that its scooter will have a range of 175 km.

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In addition to these companies, TVS is also working on hydrogen scooters and has filed patents for them. Amidst the competition, Suzuki has also launched the electric version of the Burgman scooter.

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Talking about the design of the Suzuki Burgman Hydrogen scooter, it will be similar to the electric-petrol variant. In terms of capacity, it will be equivalent to a 125-cc electric scooter. The company plans to collect data on the daily usage of bikes for transportation and purchasing purposes to sell this bike.

And in the last, with the introduction of Suzuki Burgman Hydrogen scooter, the market is witnessing a new trend in the form of hydrogen-powered vehicles. As companies strive to achieve carbon neutrality, the future of the automobile industry looks promising with such innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

Suzuki Burgman Hydrogen
Suzuki Burgman Hydrogen


Suzuki has launched its first hydrogen scooter, Burgman Hydrogen, in the Indian market. The scooter will be showcased at the Mobility Conference in Japan. Suzuki aims to contribute to carbon neutrality with the development of its hydrogen engine. The scooter is expected to have a range of 175 km. Companies like TVS and Yamaha are also working on hydrogen scooters. Suzuki has also launched an electric version of the Burgman scooter. The design of the Burgman Hydrogen scooter is similar to the electric petrol variant and it has a capacity similar to a 125cc scooter. Yamaha’s new bike is expected to compete with Royal Enfield in the market.