Yamaha is set to make a comeback with its popular bike, the RX 100, which was once the first choice for the youth and a dream for children. After being discontinued and out of the market for almost three decades, the Yamaha RX 100 is now making headlines as Yamaha works on a new model. Yamaha has confirmed that they are working on the new model and it will be launched soon. The new RX 100 is expected to come with a powerful engine and a charming look. It remains to be seen how the bike performs on Indian roads when it is launched.

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A Legend Reborn

News is rife with Yamaha’s plan to reintroduce the iconic RX 100, setting the motorcycling community abuzz with excitement and nostalgia. Expected to be launched soon, the reincarnated RX 100 promises to be an amalgamation of the old-world charm and modern-day engineering.

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Under the Hood: A New Heartbeat

While the soul remains vintage, the heart of the RX 100 is set to undergo a massive upgrade. Rumors suggest that Yamaha might fit this legend with a formidable engine – potentially a 200cc or a 125cc powerhouse. This is a conscious effort to blend the RX 100’s legendary reputation with the demands of today’s generation.

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Flashback to its Heydays

In its prime, the Yamaha RX 100 was synonymous with unmatched power and thrilling speed. Launched initially in the late 1980s, it soon became a rage among youngsters and biking enthusiasts, primarily for its acceleration and agile handling. The sound of its exhaust was enough to turn heads and announce its presence.

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Looking to the Future: The 2025 Launch

Although there’s no official confirmation on the exact launch date, the motorcycling community is rife with speculations of a 2025 debut. If this holds, it means that fans and enthusiasts have a thrilling wait ahead.

Reviving the Power Saga

Yamaha’s intent with the relaunch is clear – to recreate the magic and dominance that the RX 100 once had. By bringing back this legend, Yamaha aims not only to appeal to the nostalgic segment of the market but also to introduce the younger generation to the raw power and style that RX 100 was once celebrated for.

Yamaha RX 100
Yamaha RX 100


– Yamaha RX 100 is making a comeback and is expected to be launched soon in the market.
– The bike will come with a new and powerful engine, potentially a 200cc or a 125cc engine.
– The Yamaha RX 100 was popular in the 90s for its powerful performance and speed.
– The launch of the new model is expected by 2025.
– Yamaha aims to deliver the same power that the old RX 100 had with the new model.