Sunny Deol’s upcoming daughter-in-law seems to be a piece of the moon, as she outshines the beauties of Bollywood. The talk of the town these days is Sunny Deol, thanks to his film “Gadar 2”. Sunny Deol has made a splendid comeback on the big screen and everyone is praising him for his incredible acting. Apart from his acting skills, Sunny Deol has also been in the news recently due to his personal relationships. Just two months ago, he got his elder son Karan Deol married, and now talks about his younger son’s marriage are surfacing. This beautiful lady can become a perfect addition to their family. Her beauty will make anyone go crazy.

Sunny Deol has been in the limelight lately due to his family relationships. It is known that his elder son just got married, and now rumors of his younger son’s marriage are spreading. Sunny Deol’s young son Rajveer Deol is also ready to step into the Bollywood industry, and amidst all this, he is being linked with Poonam Dhillon’s daughter. Poonam Dhillon’s daughter has already made her mark in the film industry.

These days, social media is buzzing with the news of Sunny Deol’s son’s marriage. It is being said that he might get married to Poonam Dhillon’s daughter in the near future. People find it hard to believe this news, but it is true. Rajveer and Poonam Dhillon’s daughter are working together in a film, and their closeness is increasing day by day. This has led people to believe that this beautiful lady might become the daughter-in-law of Sunny Deol soon.


– The article discusses the recent popularity of Bollywood actor Sunny Deol due to his film Gadar 2 and his return to the screen.
– Sunny Deol’s recent attention is also due to his son Karan Deol’s recent wedding.
– The article mentions that Sunny Deol’s younger son Rajveer Deol is rumored to be getting married soon.
– Rajveer Deol is reportedly dating Poonam Dhillon’s daughter, who is already involved in the Bollywood industry.
– The article suggests that Rajveer and Poonam Dhillon’s daughter’s closeness could lead to a potential marriage in the future.

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