Harley Davidson X440: In the constantly evolving landscape of two-wheelers, Hero has unveiled a masterpiece that’s making waves – the Harley Davidson X440. An embodiment of finesse, power, and affordability, this new entrant is not just catching the eyes of the consumers but also giving its competitors, notably Bajaj, some sleepless nights.

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1. The New Heartthrob on the Block: The Harley Davidson X440, courtesy of Hero, has swiftly become the bike of choice, particularly among the younger demographic. The allure lies not just in its brand association but in its superior features packed into a budget-friendly tag.

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2. Booking Frenzy: The anticipation surrounding the X440 is palpable. The bookings are pouring in, reflecting its skyrocketing demand. Those eager to own this marvel will have to be a tad patient, though, as deliveries are scheduled to commence from October 2023. But with just a deposit of 25,000 rupees, enthusiasts can secure their place in the queue.

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3. Collaboration of Titans: The X440 isn’t just a Hero product; it’s a testament to the collaboration between two giants of the motorcycle world: Hero and Harley Davidson. Representing the inaugural bike of this combined venture, it’s clear that both brands are pushing boundaries to provide unparalleled value to consumers.

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4. Price and Variants: Accessibility is one of the key facets of the Harley Davidson X440. With three different variants, the bike caters to a range of preferences. Priced between 2.39 lakhs to 2.6 lakhs rupees, it offers choices without compromising on the essence of the brand.

5. Engine and Technical Specifications: At the heart of the X440 lies a robust 440cc 2-valve single-cylinder engine that leverages air-oil cooled technology. This ensures that the bike not only delivers raw power but also remains efficient in varied riding conditions.

Harley Davidson X440
Harley Davidson X440

6. Standout Features: Beyond its aesthetics, the Harley Davidson X440 is a feature-rich powerhouse. Some of its notable specs include:

  • A formidable 27 bhp engine.
  • A torque output of 28 Nm, ensuring that the bike responds swiftly, especially in tough terrains.
  • Seamless shifting with a 6-speed gearbox.
  • Enhanced safety with ABS wheels.
  • Ride comfort ensured by its premium suspension.
  • Stylish alloy wheels that add to its premium look.
  • Modern-day necessities such as an odometer, service indicator, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • For those seeking an edge, the bike also boasts a traction control system.

The Harley Davidson X440, presented by Hero, isn’t just another bike; it’s a revolution. By blending the legacy and prowess of Harley Davidson with the reliability and reach of Hero, the X440 is set to redefine market dynamics. And with companies like Bajaj already feeling the tremors, it’s evident that this bike is here to set new benchmarks.


– Hero has launched the budget bike Harley Davidson X440, which has become a popular choice among young consumers.
– Bookings for the bike have already started and there is a high demand for it.
– Harley Davidson X440 will be delivered from October 2023 and can be booked by paying a deposit of 25,000 rupees.
– The bike is a collaboration between Hero and Harley Davidson and is the first bike in the series.
– It is available in three variants with prices ranging from 2.39 lakhs to 2.6 lakhs rupees.
– It is equipped with a 440cc 2-valve single cylinder engine based on air oil cooled technology.
– The features of Harley Davidson X440 include a 27 bhp engine, 28 Nm torque, 6-speed gearbox, ABS wheels, premium suspension, alloy wheels, odometer, service indicator, Bluetooth connectivity, and traction control system.