Asia Cup 2023: Indian Cricket Team captain, Rohit Sharma, has always been known for his witty and humorous responses to the media. This was once again on display in a recent press conference ahead of the India vs Pakistan match at the Asia Cup 2023.

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Clear Intentions for Asia Cup

Rohit Sharma made it clear that the Indian team is taking the Asia Cup very seriously. India has a proud history in the tournament, having won the trophy a record 7 times, the most by any team. Sri Lanka follows closely behind, having won the Asia Cup 6 times.

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Asia Cup T20 Format Last Year

Asia Cup 2023: In the previous edition, the Asia Cup was played in the T20 format, with the final match contested between Sri Lanka and Pakistan. This indicates the competitive nature of the tournament and the quality of the teams involved.

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New Teams in the Fray

This year, six teams have qualified to play in the Asia Cup, including Nepal, which has qualified for the first time. This is a significant achievement for Nepal and reflects the growing popularity and competitiveness of cricket in the region.

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Hilarious Response to Bizarre Question

Asia Cup 2023: During the press conference on September 2, before the big India vs Pakistan match, Rohit was asked whether he considered the Asia Cup tournament as the final fitness test before the World Cup. The question seemed to bemuse the Indian skipper, who responded with laughter, indicating that he found the question bizarre. It is evident that for Rohit and the Indian team, the Asia Cup is an important tournament in its own right and not just a fitness test for the World Cup.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

Asia Cup 2023: Rohit Sharma’s response to the question highlights the importance the Indian team places on the Asia Cup. Despite being a successful team historically, with a record 7 titles, they are not taking anything for granted and are fully focused on performing well in the tournament. With new teams like Nepal entering the fray, the Asia Cup 2023 promises to be an exciting and competitive tournament.