Mumbai Based Man Lost Rs 9 8 Lakh For A Very Convincing Fake Job Offer Received On WhatsApp


-WhatsApp users in India are falling prey to scams, with scammers using the app to trick people into giving them money.
-A football coach in Mumbai was recently scammed through WhatsApp, where he was offered a job and asked to subscribe to a YouTube channel and like its content in exchange for a high-paying job.
-The scammer gradually gained the coach’s trust and tricked him into transferring a total of 9,87,620 rupees.
-When the coach informed his sister about the scam, they immediately reported it to the police and filed an FIR.
-To avoid falling for scams, it is crucial to verify callers or senders, investigate job offers before accepting them, avoid sharing personal details, be cautious of unknown individuals approaching for jobs, and be wary of those promising quick and large amounts of money.

WhatsApp Job Scam: Protect Yourself from Scammers

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With more than 550 million users in India, scammers are using WhatsApp to target unsuspecting individuals. Recently, a football coach in Mumbai fell victim to a WhatsApp job scam and lost nearly 10 rupees that he had worked hard to earn. The victim, Joel Chetty, was contacted by someone on August 16th through WhatsApp, offering him a part-time job.

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The scammer asked Joel to subscribe to a YouTube channel and like its content, promising him good money in return. The football coach agreed and was then provided with a link to fill in all his details. Initially, Joel received 150 rupees and later, the scammer transferred 2800 rupees to him. As soon as the scammer believed Joel was convinced, he asked for 9000 rupees to open an account. Following this, the scammer took 40,000 rupees from Joel under the pretext of various tasks. Ultimately, between August 16th and 21st, the scammer managed to loot a total of 9,87,620 rupees from Joel.

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When Joel shared this incident with his sister, they realized he had fallen prey to a scam and immediately reported it to the police, filing an FIR.

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To avoid falling victim to such scams, it is essential to verify callers or senders before engaging with them. If someone offers you a job with good pay, investigate thoroughly before starting any work. Never share your personal details under any circumstances. If an unknown person approaches you for a job on WhatsApp, block and report the number.

Remember, it is not possible to earn a large amount of money quickly. Beware of individuals who promise to help you earn a lot of money in a short period, as they may be scammers. Stay alert and protect yourself from WhatsApp job scams.