In the world of competitive exams, there are those who excel in one domain, and then there are individuals like Suyyash Chavan who triumph in not just one but two challenging fields. With a rich educational background and a childhood marked by brilliance, Suyyash has left an indelible mark on his academic journey.

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A Rich Educational Background:

Suyyash Chavan, the 2017 UPSC topper, possessed a remarkable educational history. From a young age, his intellectual prowess was evident as he set numerous records in his academic career. While many individuals aspire to excel in a single field throughout their lives, Suyyash’s story is one of extraordinary achievement in both medicine and civil services.

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The Journey from MBBS to MD to UPSC Topper:

Suyyash embarked on his journey by pursuing MBBS, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the field of medical science. Following his undergraduate studies, he ventured into a postgraduate course known for its difficulty and successfully obtained a master’s degree. However, his thirst for challenges remained unquenched. Suyyash decided to explore the world of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examinations, and remarkably, he clinched the top position in his very first attempt.

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The Winning Mindset:

According to Suyyash, achieving something extraordinary requires a mindset that goes beyond the ordinary. To become a winner, your thought process must align with that of a champion. While others may falter or stop at certain milestones, Suyyash’s approach is to forge ahead where others hesitate or fail.

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Going the Extra Mile:

Suyyash emphasizes the importance of putting in extra effort to attain exceptional results. This principle applies to various aspects of the preparation process, from studying to creating effective study schedules and even answer writing. When you craft an answer, it should stand out from the ordinary. This distinctiveness can be achieved through the inclusion of supplementary elements such as diagrams, flow charts, data, facts, figures, tables, examples, quotes, anecdotes, reports, and incidents.

IAS Officer Suyash Chavan
IAS Officer Suyash Chavan

Dedicated Memorization:

Suyyash recommends allocating specific time for memorizing essential data, facts, and other supplementary materials. Utilize the moments when your mind is fatigued from intensive study sessions to reinforce your memory. This approach not only spares your tired brain but also enhances your ability to recall information, which can be a valuable asset in crafting insightful and well-informed answers.

Suyyash Chavan’s journey from MBBS to MD to UPSC topper is a testament to his unwavering dedication, exceptional mindset, and willingness to go the extra mile. His story serves as an inspiration to all aspiring individuals who seek to excel in multiple fields and make a mark in their chosen endeavors.


  • Suyyash Chavan excelled in MBBS, MD, and became a UPSC topper.
  • His rich educational background showcased brilliance from a young age.
  • Suyyash’s journey included MBBS, PG degree, and UPSC triumph.
  • His winning mindset emphasizes thinking beyond the ordinary.
  • Going the extra mile is crucial for extraordinary results.
  • Distinctive answers require additional elements like diagrams and anecdotes.
  • Dedicated memorization aids in recalling essential data and facts.
  • Suyyash’s story inspires aspiring individuals to excel in multiple fields.

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