Shubham Gupta, hailing from Jaipur, Rajasthan, embarked on an arduous journey to achieve his dream of becoming an IAS officer. His initial success in the UPSC exam led him to the Indian Account Service, but his aspirations didn’t stop there. Determined to attain the IAS position, Shubham persevered through four attempts. His relentless dedication finally bore fruit in his fourth attempt, where he secured the All India Rank of 6, realizing his long-held dream.

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Overcoming Financial Constraints:

Growing up in a financially modest family, Shubham faced challenges from an early age. These struggles, however, shaped his resilient character. After completing his intermediate education, he moved to Delhi for his graduation, a step closer to his goal.

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The Start of the UPSC Journey:

During his undergraduate years, Shubham started preparing for the UPSC exam. Following graduation, he enrolled in a Masters program, simultaneously preparing for the UPSC. His hard work paid off when he was first selected for the UPSC, marking the beginning of his journey in civil services.

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Initial Success and Continued Aspirations:

Shubham’s first UPSC attempt landed him a rank of 366, leading to a placement in the Account Services. However, he didn’t let this initial success limit his ambitions. Even after joining the job, he continued to strive for the IAS rank, demonstrating his unwavering commitment.

IAS Shubham Gupta
IAS Shubham Gupta

Unrelenting Efforts and Multiple Attempts:

Shubham joined the Account Services but continued his IAS preparations alongside. He was resolute in his decision to only settle for the IAS position. This determination led him to undertake four attempts at the UPSC exam, a journey marked by persistence and tenacity.

The Triumph of Perseverance:

Shubham faced numerous setbacks and failures, but he never let disappointment deter his efforts. In his fourth attempt, his hard work and dedication culminated in him achieving a top rank, securing his place among the list of toppers. This accomplishment was a fitting conclusion to his challenging yet inspiring journey to become an IAS officer.

Shubham Gupta’s story is a powerful narrative of resilience, hard work, and unwavering dedication. His journey from a modest background to achieving one of the most prestigious positions in the Indian civil services serves as an inspiration to many. It underscores the belief that with perseverance and a clear goal, even the most challenging dreams can be turned into reality.

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