Nityanand Jha’s story is a remarkable example of determination and persistence. Despite facing three consecutive failures in the UPSC exams, he never lost hope. His unwavering commitment finally paid off in his fourth attempt in 2018, when he secured the All India Rank of 128. Nityanand’s journey is a testament to the fact that consistent effort and belief in oneself can lead to remarkable achievements.

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From Bihar to IIT Kanpur: A Journey of Ambition:

Originally from Bihar, Nityanand spent his early educational years in Guwahati. Post his intermediate education, he moved to Kota, a hub for JEE aspirants, where he successfully cleared the exam and secured admission in IIT Kanpur. His journey from a small town to one of India’s premier engineering institutes is nothing short of inspiring.

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The Decision to Pursue UPSC:

It was during his time at IIT Kanpur that Nityanand decided to embark on the challenging path of UPSC preparation. Understanding the magnitude of this task, he meticulously crafted a strategy to conquer this Herculean exam.

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Overcoming Failures:

Success in UPSC did not come easily for Nityanand. In his first three attempts, he reached the final stage but couldn’t make the final cut. These setbacks, however, did not deter him. Instead, they fueled his determination to work harder and smarter.

Triumph in the Fourth Attempt:

Nityanand’s perseverance bore fruit in his fourth attempt, where he not only cleared the exam but also achieved an impressive rank. His journey to cracking one of the toughest exams in India is a source of inspiration for many. It underscores the importance of not giving up in the face of adversity.

The Key to Success: Strategy and Revision:

Nityanand firmly believes that the right strategy is crucial for UPSC preparation. He emphasizes the importance of thorough revision of the syllabus and persistent practice of answer writing. His advice to aspirants is to prepare with dedication and patience, as these qualities are indispensable for success in UPSC.

IAS Nityanand Jha
IAS Nityanand Jha

Nityanand Jha’s journey from an engineering student at IIT to a successful IAS officer is a powerful narrative of overcoming obstacles and never giving up. His story is a beacon of hope for many aspiring UPSC candidates, proving that with the right approach and relentless effort, even the most challenging goals can be achieved.

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