Shweta Chauhan’s remarkable journey to becoming an IAS officer is a testament to her perseverance and strategic planning. Despite passing the UPSC exam thrice, she wasn’t satisfied with her ranks in the first two attempts. It was in her fourth attempt that she achieved her dream rank, securing the All India Rank 8. This achievement was not just a personal victory but a symbol of her relentless dedication and hard work.

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Academic Background and Initial Success:

Shweta’s academic journey began with a graduation degree in Physics Honors from Delhi University, post which she embarked on her UPSC preparation journey. Her dedication was evident from the beginning, as she tasted success in her very first attempt in 2013. This early success in such a challenging exam was a clear indicator of her potential and commitment.

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Rising Above Challenges:

Her first UPSC attempt brought her an All India Rank of 573, a commendable achievement but not up to her expectations. Unfazed, Shweta continued her preparation with more vigor and focus, appearing for her second attempt in 2015 and improving her rank to 474. Still aiming higher, her third attempt in 2016 saw her achieving the much-desired success and becoming a topper. This journey from rank 573 to the top is a shining example of her growth and learning curve.

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Shweta’s Strategy for UPSC Preparation:

Shweta advocates for a combined preparation strategy for both UPSC prelims and mains. She emphasizes that preparing for these stages separately is not as effective. Shweta also advises aspirants to study from a limited number of books but to revise them multiple times. This approach, she believes, helps in retaining information and understanding concepts more deeply.

IAS Shweta Chauhan
IAS Shweta Chauhan

Importance of Practice and Revision:

According to Shweta, the key to excelling in UPSC lies in consistent practice and revision. She stresses the importance of answer writing practice, which not only improves the quality of answers but also boosts confidence. Regular revision and answer writing enhance performance and significantly increase the chances of success.

Shweta Chauhan’s story is not just about clearing one of the toughest exams in India; it’s about setting high standards, striving for excellence, and never settling for less. Her journey is an inspiration to all UPSC aspirants, showing that with the right strategy and relentless effort, even the loftiest goals can be achieved.

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