Lakshya Singhal’s journey to becoming an IAS officer is a testament to the power of perseverance and strategic planning. Despite facing numerous setbacks in competitive examinations, his unwavering determination and hard work eventually led him to secure the 38th rank in the UPSC exam of 2018. His story is an inspiring example of how resilience and focused effort can turn dreams into reality.

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IAS Topper Lakshya Singhal’s Achievement:

Lakshya Singhal’s accomplishment of becoming an IAS officer, securing the 38th rank in the 2018 UPSC examination, stands as a significant milestone in his career. It was the culmination of his dream, realized through persistent effort and dedication.

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Overcoming Doubts and Failures:

Despite multiple failures in various competitive exams, which even led his family to doubt his potential, Lakshya’s steadfast commitment to his goal remained unshaken. His success in the UPSC exam on his second attempt was a product of continuous hard work and a well-devised strategy.

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Academic Journey and Increased Confidence:

Initially indifferent to academics, Lakshya’s serious engagement with studies began in high school, where he achieved good marks, significantly boosting his confidence. After completing his intermediate education, he pursued a degree in mechanical engineering.

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Choosing UPSC Over Engineering:

Though Lakshya initially aimed for a degree in Computer Science, he followed his father’s advice to study Mechanical Engineering. His father believed this field could offer a fallback option in the family business. However, inspired by a neighbor who cleared the UPSC exam, Lakshya set his sights on a civil services career.

Initial Attempts and Growing Confidence:

After a year of coaching, Lakshya appeared for the UPSC exam for the first time, reaching the interview round but not succeeding. This experience, however, bolstered his confidence and reinforced his belief in his ability to clear the exam.

Success Through Self-Study:

Prior to his second UPSC attempt, Lakshya shifted his focus to self-study, moving away from coaching classes. This strategic change in his preparation approach played a crucial role in his success, helping him fulfill his dream over a three-year UPSC journey.

IAS Lakshya Singhal
IAS Lakshya Singhal

Lakshya’s Advice on UPSC Preparation:

Lakshya advocates for the importance of self-study in preparing for the UPSC exam. He emphasizes that there is no certain guarantee of success in this challenging examination and advises aspirants to always have a backup plan.

A Message of Hope and Hard Work:

Lakshya firmly believes that hard work, when directed correctly, can lead to success in the UPSC exam. He encourages even average students, stating that starting from scratch and putting in consistent effort can lead to remarkable achievements.

Lakshya Singhal’s story is more than just an account of academic success; it’s a narrative about overcoming doubts, handling pressure, and the importance of self-belief. His journey highlights that with the right mindset, strategies, and dedication, even those who face repeated setbacks can achieve their ultimate goals.

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