Tejasvi Rana’s journey from an engineering graduate at IIT to securing the prestigious All India Rank 12 in the 2016 UPSC exam is a tale of determination and strategic planning. Hailing from Kurukshetra, Haryana, Tejasvi was an academically gifted student, excelling in her studies right from her school days. After completing her 12th standard with impressive marks, she set her sights on a career in engineering, leading her to clear the challenging JEE exam and gain admission to IIT Kanpur.

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IAS Topper Tejasvi Rana’s UPSC Success:

Tejasvi Rana’s decision to enter the challenging field of UPSC was significantly influenced by her parents. Their encouragement and her own aspiration led her to pursue this dream, culminating in her remarkable achievement of securing the 12th rank in the UPSC examination of 2016.

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Strategic Approach to UPSC Preparation:

Tejasvi’s first attempt at the UPSC exam was more of a reconnaissance mission. She aimed to understand the pattern of questions and the overall structure of the examination. This experience was crucial in shaping her strategy for the second attempt, where her focused and well-planned preparation paid off.

Early Education and Career Choice:

Born and brought up in Kurukshetra, Tejasvi’s educational journey was marked by consistent academic excellence. Her strong performance in her school years laid a solid foundation for her future endeavors. Post-12th, her interest in engineering led her to crack the JEE and embark on an engineering degree at IIT Kanpur.

Transition from Engineering to UPSC:

After completing her engineering degree, Tejasvi faced a pivotal moment in her career. Encouraged by her parents, she decided to shift her focus from engineering to the civil services, setting her on the path to becoming an IAS officer.

IAS Tejasvi Rana
IAS Tejasvi Rana

Unique Strategy for UPSC Preparation:

In her first UPSC attempt in 2015, Tejasvi’s goal was to gauge the examination pattern. Her solid preparation enabled her to clear the prelims and reach the mains. However, she chose not to proceed further in this attempt, having gained the insights she needed for a more targeted preparation.

Success in the Second Attempt:

Equipped with the knowledge and experience from her first attempt, Tejasvi meticulously crafted her strategy for the second attempt. She focused on aligning her preparation with the types of questions asked in the UPSC exam. This tailored approach was key to her success, helping her secure the All India Rank 12 in her second attempt.

Tejasvi Rana’s story is not just about achieving a high rank in one of India’s most competitive exams; it’s about the power of strategic planning, adaptability, and the role of support and encouragement from family in realizing one’s dreams. Her journey from an engineering student at IIT to a top-ranking IAS officer is a source of inspiration for many aspiring civil servants.

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