Rahul Bhat’s journey from an engineering graduate to an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer is a compelling story of ambition, persistence, and triumph. His path to becoming an IAS officer, securing All India Rank 68 in the UPSC exam of 2017 on his second attempt, is an inspiring tale for many.

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Second Attempt Success in UPSC

Rahul Bhat’s journey to becoming an IAS officer culminated in his second attempt at the UPSC examination. His first attempt laid the groundwork for his eventual success, as he managed to clear the preliminary exam but fell short in the mains.

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The Journey Begins

Rahul initially embarked on a conventional career path following his graduation, securing a job in a reputable company. However, the allure of civil services led him to reconsider his career trajectory. He meticulously planned his preparation, dedicating three years to studying for the UPSC exams.

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Background and Education

Originating from Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir, Rahul completed his intermediate education in Delhi. He then moved to Pune to pursue an engineering degree, which laid the foundation for his initial career path.

Transition from Corporate to Civil Services

After completing his engineering degree, Rahul landed a job in a well-regarded company, where he worked for approximately two years. However, his aspirations for civil services gradually took precedence, leading him to resign from his job and fully commit to UPSC preparation.

First Attempt at UPSC

Rahul first appeared for the UPSC exam in 2015. His successful clearance of the preliminary round was a morale booster, but stumbling in the mains served as a valuable learning experience. This initial foray into the UPSC exams bolstered his confidence, convincing him that with improved preparation, he could achieve better results.

IAS Rahul Bhat
IAS Rahul Bhat

Learning from the Past

Determined to succeed, Rahul reflected on his previous attempt, identifying and rectifying his mistakes. He dedicated the next two years to rigorous preparation, refining his strategy and knowledge to better align with the demands of the UPSC exams.

Achieving the Dream

In 2017, Rahul reappeared for the UPSC examination. His dedicated and improved preparation paid off, as he performed exceptionally well and achieved an impressive All India Rank of 68. This achievement was not just a personal victory but also a manifestation of his unwavering dedication and hard work.

Rahul Bhat’s story is a testament to the fact that with the right mindset, thorough preparation, and resilience, one can overcome initial setbacks and achieve their dreams. His transition from the corporate sector to the apex of the civil services is an inspiring narrative for many young aspirants, proving that it’s never too late to follow one’s true calling.

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