Pratibha Verma’s story of becoming an IAS officer is a stirring example of perseverance and resilience. Her journey to securing the All India Rank 3 in the UPSC exam of 2019, after two unsuccessful attempts, serves as an inspiration to many.

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Unwavering Determination Despite Early Setbacks

Pratibha’s initial foray into the UPSC exams was met with challenges. Despite failing in her first two attempts, she did not lose heart. Instead, she viewed these challenges as stepping stones, learning from each experience. Her persistence and determination were finally rewarded in her third attempt when she not only cleared the exam but also emerged as a topper.

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Educational Journey and Shift to UPSC

Originally from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Pratibha’s academic journey is noteworthy. She completed her schooling and then successfully cleared the entrance exam for IIT Delhi, where she pursued a B.Tech degree. Post her graduation, she secured a job in a reputed company and worked for about two years. However, her aspirations to serve in the civil services led her to shift her focus towards the UPSC.

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The Importance of Health in UPSC Preparation

Pratibha emphasizes the importance of maintaining good health during the rigorous preparation for the UPSC exams. She learned this lesson the hard way, as health issues partly contributed to her underperformance in the first two attempts. In her third attempt, she balanced her preparation with proper attention to health, which she believes played a crucial role in her success.

IAS Pratibha Verma

Strategy and Hard Work Lead to Success

In her third attempt, Pratibha adopted a more focused and strategic approach. She combined hard work with a well-planned strategy, ensuring that she was well-prepared for each aspect of the exam. Her efforts paid off spectacularly, and she achieved her dream of topping the UPSC exam.

Pratibha Verma’s journey to becoming an IAS topper is a powerful narrative of overcoming obstacles and not giving up in the face of adversity. Her story highlights the importance of resilience, strategic preparation, and maintaining one’s health during challenging times. It serves as a source of motivation for those who face disappointments in their pursuits, reminding them that with determination and the right approach, success is indeed attainable.

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