The journey of Ayushi Jain, an inspiring IAS officer, exemplifies resilience and determination. Her story is one of overcoming setbacks and achieving a remarkable success, culminating in securing the All India Rank 41 in the UPSC exam in 2019.

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Early Academic Brilliance

Ayushi Jain, hailing from Vidisha district in Madhya Pradesh, has always been a bright student. She showcased her academic prowess early on, securing impressive marks of 91.2% in high school and 90.4% in her intermediate exams. This foundation laid the groundwork for her future accomplishments.

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The Initial Setbacks

Despite her strong academic background, Ayushi’s journey in the UPSC exams started with challenges. In her first attempt in 2017, she couldn’t clear the preliminary round. This initial failure was a setback, but it didn’t deter her. In her second attempt in 2018, she progressed to the Mains but got stuck there.

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Perseverance and Learning from Mistakes

What sets Ayushi apart is her ability to learn from her mistakes. She attributes her initial failures to small, yet significant errors. Recognizing and rectifying these mistakes was crucial in her subsequent attempt. Her resilience in the face of failure and her courage to continue pursuing her goal are commendable.

A Solid Foundation and Career Shift

Ayushi’s academic journey didn’t just stop at school. She pursued engineering in Bhopal and post-graduation, she embarked on a career in the engineering field. After working for around two years, she felt a strong inclination towards the civil services. This marked a significant shift in her career path, from engineering to preparing for the UPSC exams.

IAS Ayushi Jain
IAS Ayushi Jain

The Strategy for Success

Realizing her goal meant leaving her job to focus entirely on the UPSC exams. Ayushi joined a coaching center, devising her own strategy for preparation. She understood the importance of choosing the right optional subject, a decision that played a critical role in her eventual success.

Triumph in the Third Attempt

Her hard work, determination, and strategic approach finally paid off in her third attempt. Changing her optional subject and applying the lessons learned from previous attempts, Ayushi not only cleared the exams but also achieved an impressive All India Rank of 41.

Ayushi Jain’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and learning from one’s mistakes. Her journey from an engineering professional to a successful IAS officer is inspiring, especially for those who face setbacks in their pursuits. Ayushi’s success underscores an important message: With hard work, a strategic approach, and the courage to overcome failures, achieving one’s dreams is indeed possible.

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