In the vast landscape of India, stories of perseverance and ambition often emerge from the most unexpected corners. One such tale is that of Divya Shakti, a girl from a small village in Bihar who secured the prestigious 79th rank in the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) in 2019, on her second attempt. Her journey, filled with moments of self-reflection, determination, and consistent hard work, serves as an inspiration for many.

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Discovering the True Calling

Divya’s academic journey began with a B.Tech degree from BITS Pilani, one of India’s premier engineering institutes. This choice wasn’t immediate. Like many, Divya spent time figuring out her passion and the field she wanted to contribute to. Following her B.Tech, she pursued a Masters in Economics, diving deeper into understanding the economic constructs and policies that shape a nation.

Upon completing her post-graduation, Divya secured a job with a renowned company. On paper, it seemed like the ideal trajectory for many, but for Divya, something felt amiss. The job, despite its merits, didn’t resonate with her long-term vision.

The Spark for Civil Services

As destiny would have it, Divya interacted with some seniors who were preparing for the UPSC exam. Their passion and drive struck a chord with her. The idea of serving her country and making tangible changes began to appeal to her. However, the decision wasn’t taken overnight. She took nearly a year, appearing for various examinations, to truly understand her calling. It was a period of introspection, understanding her strengths, and aligning her career aspirations.

The Road to Success

Preparation for the UPSC examination isn’t just about studying; it’s about being mentally prepared, focused, and having an unwavering motivation. Divya emphasizes the importance of having a strong internal reason to take up the challenge. She says, “Your motivation for this exam should be robust. It’s essential not to be swayed by external influences or make decisions based on others.”

Before diving deep into her preparation, Divya spent time gathering all pertinent information about the UPSC exam. It was only after a year of sincere and dedicated effort that she tasted success.

Advice to Aspiring Candidates

Divya’s journey is a testament to patience, perseverance, and understanding oneself. Her advice to other aspirants is clear: Stay focused, understand your motivation, and never lose sight of your goals. Every challenge, every exam, and every setback is a step closer to understanding yourself and your path.

IAS Divya Shakti
IAS Divya Shakti

In the end, Divya Shakti’s tale isn’t just about clearing an exam. It’s about self-discovery, determination, and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams.

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