Huge return Share: Last week, while the returns of benchmark indices like Nifty and Sensex hovered around half a percentage, several stocks outperformed by delivering impressive returns. Some even doubled investors’ money within the span of a week. Let’s delve into these top-performing stocks that offered returns ranging from 54% to 92% within just five trading sessions.

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N K Industries share: Starting the week at Rs 38.35, the stock saw a spectacular climb, ending the week at Rs 73.49. In a mere five days, this stock offered a whopping return of 91.63%.

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Tirupati Sarjan Ltd share: This stock began the week at Rs 10.30 and closed at Rs 19.19 by the end of the week. A notable appreciation, the stock yielded a return of approximately 86.31%.

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Hindustan Bio Sciences Ltd share: Opening at Rs 5.68 at the start of the week, the stock closed at Rs 9.54. This translates to an impressive growth of 67.96% within the week.

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Techknowgreen Solutions Ltd share: The stock of Techknowgreen Solutions started its week at Rs 122.25 and wrapped up the week at a commendable Rs 189.00, resulting in a return of 54.60%.

Sky Gold v: With an opening price of Rs 347.65, Sky Gold’s shares soared to close at Rs 536.55 by the week’s end. This significant uptrend led to a return of 54.34%.

While the broader market moved at a conservative pace, these stocks exhibited remarkable growth, rewarding their investors handsomely. Investors keen on high returns should keep an eye out for such dynamic performers.