TVS iQube, the new electric scooter from TVS, is gaining popularity among people. The reason behind its popularity is its increasing sales, which have seen a 4% growth in September this year compared to the same month last year.

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The company claims that this model is being liked by the youth and people of all ages are preferring to buy it. The bike is easy and comfortable to ride, making it highly in demand in the two-wheeler market.

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Moreover, the price of the TVS iQube is budget-friendly, making it even more attractive to customers. The bike is priced at ₹2.43 lakh, and you can also purchase it with a down payment of just ₹87,691. It is worth mentioning that the bike has already sold 3.79 lakh units in the market. TVS has also exported this electric scooter to foreign countries, making up 8% of its total sales this year.

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Riding the Wave of Popularity The iQube’s appeal is unquestionable. Especially among the younger demographic, its popularity has witnessed an impressive 4% sales surge compared to the previous year. Such numbers affirm the scooter’s growing imprint in the Indian two-wheeler market.

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Ease of Ride and Comfort A key driver behind the scooter’s growing demand is its user-friendly design. Designed keeping in mind the daily commuter, the iQube promises a ride that’s not just easy but also supremely comfortable, making city commutes and short-distance travels a breeze.

Price and Payment Flexibility Budget-friendly yet not compromising on features, the TVS iQube comes with a price tag of 2.43 lakh rupees. Moreover, for those seeking financing options, there’s the attractive provision of initiating their purchase with a down payment of just 87,691 rupees.

Engine and Performance Underneath its sleek exterior lies a beast of an engine. Boasting a 312.2 cc capacity, the iQube is no slouch when it comes to power, generating a commendable 35.1 bhp and 28.7 nm peak torque. This potent combination ensures riders have all the power they need for both city commutes and highway cruises.

Stylish and Feature-Rich The iQube doesn’t just ride well; it looks the part too. Its contemporary design coupled with an array of attractive features makes it a hot favorite in the electric scooter segment.

Speed and Mileage Performance metrics of the iQube are bound to impress any enthusiast. With a speed range of up to 140 kilometers and a power capacity of 4.44 kW, the scooter is built for long rides. Its acceleration is noteworthy too, zooming from a standstill to 40 kilometers in a mere 2.6 seconds. Topping this off, the iQube can reach speeds up to 105 kilometers per hour, ensuring riders are never left wanting for more speed.

Sales and Exports While the domestic sales figures of the iQube are commendable, it’s worth noting the scooter’s international appeal. The export numbers hint at the scooter’s potential global footprint, amplifying TVS’s presence in international markets.

TVS iQube is not just an electric scooter; it’s a statement. A statement of style, performance, and sustainability, all wrapped up in a package that’s light on the pocket. As electric vehicles continue to shape the future of transportation, the iQube is set to be at the forefront, leading the electric revolution.

TVS iQube
TVS iQube


– TVS iQube is gaining popularity among people, especially the youth, and has seen a 4% increase in sales compared to last year.
– It is easy to ride and comfortable, making it highly demanded in the two-wheeler market.
– The price of the TVS iQube is budget-friendly at 2.43 lakh rupees, with the option of a down payment of 87,691 rupees.
– The bike has a powerful engine with 312.2 cc capacity and generates 35.1 bhp power and 28.7 nm peak torque.
– It has attractive features and a stylish look, contributing to its popularity in the electric scooter market.
– The electric scooter has a speed range of 140 kilometers, with a power capacity of 4.44 kW.
– It can reach a speed of 40 kilometers from zero in just 2.6 seconds and offers a speed of 105 kilometers per hour.
– The article mentions the sales figures and the export of the TVS iQube.
– The bike is said to have a mileage of 105 kilometers per hour.