Micro SUVs have become quite popular in India these days, as they have replaced entry-level hatchback cars in the market. Seeing the demand for micro SUVs, car manufacturers have shifted their focus towards producing these vehicles. One such micro SUV that has gained popularity in India is Nissan’s Magnite.

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The Nissan Magnite SUV is currently a favorite among people. It is available in the market with a starting price of 6 lakh rupees. The SUV is equipped with a 1,000cc three-cylinder engine. In terms of size, the Magnite is similar to the Renault Kwid, with a length, width, and height equal to that of the Kwid. The length of the Magnite is 3994mm, while the Kwid is 3995mm long.

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Nissan Motors is likely to export more Magnite SUVs from India than sell them domestically. In September, the company sold 10,759 units of the Magnite, out of which 8,305 units were exported, and 2,454 units were sold in India. Recently, Nissan launched the Kuro Edition of the Magnite, which comes with a 1,000cc engine and several advanced features. The ex-showroom price of the Kuro Edition is 8.27 lakh rupees.

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The increasing popularity of micro SUVs in India can be attributed to their combination of Japanese technology and great features, along with their affordable price. These vehicles offer excellent mileage and are suitable for both city and highway driving. With their compact size, micro SUVs provide the convenience of easy maneuverability in traffic and parking.

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And in the last, the Nissan Magnite micro SUV has become a popular choice among Indian consumers. Its affordable price, advanced features, and excellent mileage make it a desirable option in the market. With the increasing demand for micro SUVs, car manufacturers are focusing on producing more of these vehicles to cater to the needs of Indian customers.


– Micro SUVs are becoming popular in India and are replacing entry-level hatchback cars in the market.
– Nissan’s Magnite SUV is gaining popularity and has a starting showroom price of 6 lakhs rupees.
– The car has a 1000cc engine and is similar in size to the Renault Kwid, with a length of 3994mm.
– The Magnite has higher export sales compared to domestic sales in India, with 8305 units exported out of 10759 units sold.
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