In a surprising turn of events, it has been reported by Motorsport that Formula One legend Lewis Hamilton is in advanced negotiations to make a shocking switch from Mercedes to Ferrari for the 2025 season. The news comes after Mercedes’ CEO gave a briefing, ahead of what is expected to be a formal announcement today.

This potential move by the seven-time champion has come in light of two challenging seasons for Mercedes, during which the team has struggled, with Hamilton failing to clinch a victory since Saudi Arabia in 2021. It appears that Ferrari has finally been able to convince Hamilton that they offer a better opportunity for future success.

If Hamilton decides to make the move, he would be joining forces with Charles Leclerc at Ferrari, who recently signed a fresh extension with the team. This unexpected development could possibly open up a vacant spot at Mercedes for Carlos Sainz, who is currently contracted for one more season, but is also rumored to be in talks with Audi.

Throughout the lengthy negotiations process in 2023 to remain at Mercedes for 2024, Hamilton expressed his unwavering faith in the team and its potential to turn the table in future seasons. However, if the reports about a potential agreement with Ferrari are indeed true, Mercedes will need to explore other options to fill Hamilton’s spot alongside George Russell.

It is clear that this abrupt turn of events will significantly shake up the Formula One landscape, and only time will tell if we will witness a new chapter for Lewis Hamilton at the iconic Ferrari team.

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