Rumors have been swirling in the Formula 1 world about a potential move by Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes to Ferrari. While it is not certain whether a deal has been finalized, it is understood that negotiations between the parties are in an advanced stage and could be concluded by the end of the week.

Despite previously rejecting overtures from Ferrari due to his belief that Mercedes offered him a better chance at success, Hamilton now seems close to being convinced by Ferrari’s pitch. With Mercedes going through challenging seasons, it appears that Ferrari has managed to convince Hamilton that it is a better option for his future.

Hamilton signed a multi-year contract with Mercedes for 2024 and 2025, but it is now suggested that there may have been an escape clause in which he could join Ferrari from 2025, if he chooses to do so.

Both Ferrari and Mercedes have refused to comment on the situation. If Hamilton’s move to Ferrari is confirmed, it would be a significant blow to Mercedes, especially after lengthy contract negotiations last year to secure his services for this year.

The move is surprising, especially as Hamilton expressed belief last year that Mercedes had learned from its challenging seasons and was on the path to return to glory with their new car for this season.

It remains unclear what prompted the potential change of heart that could see Hamilton leave Mercedes, where he was expected to finish his F1 career. Despite early indications that the new Mercedes car showed promise, the potential departure of Hamilton to Ferrari is certainly a significant development in the world of Formula 1.

News Summery :

– Contract negotiations between Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari are at an advanced stage and could be concluded by the end of the week
– Hamilton has previously rejected overtures from Ferrari due to his belief that Mercedes offered a better route to success
– If Hamilton signs with Ferrari, he will be able to join them from 2025
– Mercedes could suffer a huge blow if Hamilton leaves to join Ferrari
– The trigger point for a potential change of heart over Hamilton’s commitment to Mercedes is unclear
– Mercedes made significant extensions to the contracts of team boss Toto Wolff and technical director James Allison

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