The Congress party in Jharkhand has taken a proactive step to prevent the BJP from carrying out ‘horse-trading’ by sequestering its MLAs to a safe place. Congress party’s in-charge for Jharkhand, Ghulam Ahmad Mir, stated that the MLAs had been relocated due to the delay in Champai Soren’s swearing-in ceremony, despite the governor receiving the letter of support.

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Champai Soren, who was elected as the leader of the legislature party of the ruling JMM, is currently waiting for the governor’s official invitation to Raj Bhavan to form the government. The Congress leader raised concerns over the delay in swearing in the chief minister, especially when compared to the swift oath-taking ceremonies organized by the BJP and its allies in other states.

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Congress has expressed suspicion over the delayed decision-making process, pointing out the quick turnaround for oath taking in Bihar after Nitish Kumar’s resignation. This has led to the decision to keep the MLAs in a secure location to prevent them from becoming ‘soft targets’.

Champai Soren confirmed that the party had submitted the document proving the support of 47 MLAs and was waiting for the governor’s invitation to form the government.

The situation has escalated with the arrest of former Chief Minister Hemant Soren. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a plea challenging Soren’s arrest by the Enforcement Directorate. Soren’s lawyers have withdrawn their plea in the Jharkhand high court and moved to the Supreme Court, stating that the arrest just before the general elections has an adverse impact on the country’s polity.

This development has raised significant concerns and has prompted the Congress party to take decisive action, given the political turmoil and pressing legal matters surrounding the formation of the Jharkhand government.

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– Congress has sequestered its MLAs in Jharkhand to prevent BJP from ‘horse-trading’
– Champai Soren elected as leader of legislature party after Hemant Soren quits as chief minister
– Congress leader criticized governor for delaying swearing-in ceremony
– Champai Soren is waiting for an invite from Raj Bhavan to form government
– Hemant Soren was arrested in connection with a money laundering case
– Supreme Court to hear plea challenging Soren’s arrest on Friday

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