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Tottenham faced Brentford on Wednesday night, with fans hoping to see James Maddison’s signature darts-throwing goal celebration. Interestingly, the celebration occurred three times, but not from Maddison himself. Instead, it was Neal Maupay who replicated the celebration after scoring against Spurs. This action stirred drama in the game, as Maddison and Maupay shared heated moments and exchanged unfriendly gestures. Fortunately, Tottenham emerged victorious with a 3-2 Premier League win, seeing an impressive return of Maddison to the field after his injury. The game also showcased the exchange of taunts between the teams on social media, adding more excitement to the event.

Summery :

– Tottenham’s James Maddison made his first start in the Premier League since November 6th against Brentford
– He did not perform his darts-throwing goal celebration, as it was done three times by other players, and once by an opposing player who copied it after scoring
– Maddison and his team-mates had a 3-2 Premier League win against Brentford
– Manager Ange Postecoglou was unhappy with the team’s focus and squabbles in the first half
– Maddison marked a successful and encouraging return to the Premier League after months of injury and hard work to regain fitness
– He is feeling good and strong after recovering from his injury

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