Cristiano Ronaldo to Miss Reunion with Lionel Messi Due to Injury

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Al-Nassr coach Luis Cristo confirmed that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo would be unable to play in an exhibition match against Inter Miami due to a calf injury. This disappointing news means that fans will miss out on the much-anticipated reunion between Ronaldo and his long-time rival Lionel Messi.

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Ronaldo is in the final stages of his recovery from the reported calf injury and is expected to rejoin the team soon. However, he will not be fit in time for the exhibition match between Al-Nassr and Inter Miami in Riyadh on Thursday.

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The absence of Ronaldo means that fans will miss the thrilling opportunity to see the two football legends, Messi and Ronaldo, face each other. The rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo has been a highlight of football for years, especially during their time playing in Spain for Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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The match between Al-Nassr and Inter Miami was expected to be a pre-season tour highlight, as it included two games in Saudi Arabia. However, Ronaldo’s injury has put a damper on the excitement as fans were looking forward to seeing the two football icons compete against each other once again.

As fans eagerly awaited the reunion, Messi had already made an impact by scoring in Miami’s 4-3 defeat to Al-Hilal on Monday. However, the absence of Ronaldo certainly takes away from what would have been a thrilling and highly-anticipated match.

It remains to be seen how soon Ronaldo can recover and rejoin his team, but for now, fans will have to wait a little longer for the next chapter in the rivalry between these two football legends.

News Highlight :

– Cristiano Ronaldo will miss a game against Lionel Messi due to injury
– He is recovering from a calf injury and will not be fit to play in an exhibition match between Al-Nassr and Inter Miami
– The rivalry between Ronaldo and Messi was expected to be a highlight of Miami’s pre-season tour
– Ronaldo’s injury also caused Al-Nassr to postpone two exhibition matches in China
– Messi scored in Miami’s 4-3 defeat to Al-Hilal on Monday


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