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In the Premier League, scoring a goal and winning a game go hand in hand, but there are a few exceptional players who have never lost a game when they have found the back of the net. These players are considered to be the league’s lucky charms.

Gabriel Jesus is one such player with an impressive record. He has scored in 60 different matches and has never been on the losing side in any of them. His outstanding win rate of 91.7% in games that he has scored in is a testament to his impact on the pitch.

Another player who has been a lucky charm for his teams is James Milner, who has scored in 54 games without experiencing a loss. Darius Vassell and Diogo Jota have also made significant contributions to their respective teams, remaining unbeaten in 46 and 43 games, respectively.

Erling Haaland and Salomon Kalou complete the list of the league’s lucky charms, with both players having scored in 32 games without experiencing a loss.

These players have showcased their ability to make a positive impact on their teams’ performance and contribute to their success. Their consistency in scoring and winning reflects their exceptional talent and the importance of their presence on the field.

In addition to these top players, there are other notable names who have scored in 20 or more games without tasting defeat. These players are also instrumental in their teams’ success and have made significant contributions to their respective clubs.

Overall, these players have proven themselves to be invaluable assets, and their impressive records highlight their impact on the Premier League. Their ability to score and win consistently has earned them the title of the league’s lucky charms.

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