Pep Guardiola Considering Contract Extension at Manchester City

Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, has recently spoken about his considerations regarding a contract extension with the Premier League club. Currently, Guardiola has a deal in place until 2025 with the Treble Winners, but he has mentioned that there are several factors he will take into account before making a decision.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Guardiola expressed that while he feels good at the club, he acknowledges that circumstances could change in the coming months. He emphasized the complexity of the decision, stating, “Normally the decision is quick. We cannot admit eight years is a lot of time. Next year will be nine seasons, so it is a lot of time.”

The Spaniard also outlined several aspects that will influence his decision, including the players’ behavior, the club’s standards, and his own physical and mental state. He emphasized that the decision to extend a contract after two years is not the same as extending it after nine, highlighting the need to thoroughly evaluate the situation.

Guardiola’s comments have sparked interest and speculation amongst Manchester City fans and football enthusiasts alike, as they eagerly await his decision. His impact on the club has been significant, with Guardiola leading Manchester City to numerous domestic and international successes since his arrival in 2016.

As fans eagerly await a decision on Guardiola’s future with the club, it is clear that the manager is taking his time to carefully consider his next steps. The football world will undoubtedly be watching closely as the situation unfolds.

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– Pep Guardiola considering contract extension with Manchester City
– Current deal until 2025
– Admits decision will be based on players’ behavior, standards, and his own fatigue
– Extending after 9 years is different from extending after 2 years

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