Malaysia’s New King Sultan Ibrahim: All You Need to Know

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Sultan Ibrahim, the wealthy and outspoken ruler of Malaysia’s southern Johor state, has been sworn in as the country’s new king. Malaysia practices a unique rotational form of monarchy, where the heads of the country’s nine royal families take turns to be king for a five-year reign.

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The monarchy in Malaysia plays a largely ceremonial role, but has become more influential in recent years due to prolonged political instability, during which the king has wielded rarely used discretionary powers.

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The king is installed through a process where the nine rulers elect one among themselves to be Malaysia’s king every five years through a secret ballot.

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Sultan Ibrahim, 65, hails from the southern state of Johor whose sultanate can be traced back to the 16th century. He is known for his business interests, including a large collection of luxury cars and motorbikes, as well as wide-ranging business interests from real estate to mining.

In addition to his business endeavors, Sultan Ibrahim has publicly advocated establishing a special economic zone between Johor and neighboring Singapore to strengthen ties. He also plans to revive a stalled high-speed rail project between Malaysia and the city-state.

The king’s powers primarily include acting as the custodian of Islam in the Muslim-majority country, appointing the Prime Minister, and having the power to pardon convicted individuals.

As Malaysia’s new king, Sultan Ibrahim is expected to continue the tradition of the monarchy’s largely ceremonial role, but may also play a greater role in periods of political instability. His wealth, business interests, and outspoken nature make him a unique figure in Malaysia’s monarchy system.

News Highlight :

– Sultan Ibrahim of Malaysia’s southern Johor state has been sworn in as the country’s new king
– Malaysia practices a rotational form of monarchy with nine royal families taking turns for a five-year reign
– The monarchy plays a largely ceremonial role but has become more influential in recent years
– Sultan Ibrahim owns a large collection of luxury cars and motorbikes and has wide-ranging business interests
– The king’s powers include appointing a Prime Minister and pardoning convicted people, among other ceremonial duties and responsibilities

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