Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu is facing impeachment proceedings amidst escalating tensions and diplomatic row with India. The main opposition MDP, which holds a majority in the parliament, has managed to gather enough signatures for an impeachment motion and plans to submit it on Monday.

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Muizzu was elected as the President of Maldives in late 2023 after securing 54% of the vote share. However, his ruling coalition holds only 19 seats in the People’s Majlis, making his ouster a real possibility. An impeachment motion will require a two-thirds majority from the 80-seat House in order to be passed.

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The Maldivian Democratic Party led by former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih holds the majority with 43 members in Parliament, while another former President Mohamed Nasheed’s Democrats party holds 13 seats. The opposition, in partnership with MDP, have gathered enough support for an impeachment motion but are yet to submit it.

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The decision to submit an impeachment motion was taken unanimously in the parliamentary group meeting of the MDP on Monday. The ongoing political tension has resulted in clashes and uproar in Parliament over the approval of President Muizzu’s cabinet, leading to a critical situation.

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Muizzu’s presidency has also been under scrutiny after he reportedly requested India to withdraw its military personnel from Maldives by a certain date. This has further fueled tensions and is seen as an attempt to distance the country from India.

In light of these developments, the support for an impeachment motion against President Muizzu has been growing, and the upcoming days will be crucial in determining the political landscape of the Maldives.

News Highlight :

– Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu is facing impeachment proceedings
– Main opposition MDP plans to submit the motion on Monday
– The opposition holds a majority in Parliament
– The impeachment motion requires a two-thirds majority to pass
– Clashes broke out in Parliament over differences in the approval of President’s cabinet
– The opposition has gathered enough signatures for an impeachment motion
– Impeachment motion was taken unanimously by the MDP in a parliamentary group meeting
– The President has requested India to withdraw military personnel from the country
– The Parliament recently amended its standing orders to make it easier to submit an impeachment motion
– The PPM-PNC coalition has also submitted no-confidence motions against the Speaker and Deputy Speaker, who are both from MDP


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