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Australian News Channel Doctored an Image of Female State MP

Nine News, an Australian news channel, has come under fire after it was revealed that they doctored an image of a female state MP by enlarging her breasts and exposing her midriff. The altered image was featured in a news bulletin after Georgie Purcell criticized the Victorian government’s rejection of a duck hunting ban. Purcell posted the original and altered images to social media, exposing how her outfit had been edited.

The news channel apologized and blamed “automation by Photoshop” for the mishap. Georgie Purcell, the youngest woman in the state’s parliament, has frequently raised concerns about the “constant sexualization and objectification” that women in Australian politics face.

Politicians and members of the public, including Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan, have expressed outrage over the altered image. Nine News Melbourne boss Hugh Nailon has “unreservedly” apologized to Purcell for the “graphic error.” Adobe, the firm that produces Photoshop, indicated that any changes to the image would have required human intervention and approval. Purcell has accepted Nine’s apology but remains skeptical of their explanation. She raised concerns about the threat of AI to women in public life and questioned why newsroom staff did not notice the sexualization of her outfit. In the past, she has been a target of sexist abuse.

This incident, along with a landmark report in 2021 that found a third of employees in the federal parliament had been sexually harassed, highlights the prevailing sexist culture in Australian politics. It calls for greater awareness and respect towards women in public life.

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