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The decision by Judge Chan to reject the restructuring proposal for Evergrande highlights the severity of the situation. The judge deemed the proposal as insufficient, emphasizing the need for a more comprehensive plan. As a result, the process to unwind Evergrande has been initiated, with Alvarez & Marsal Asia appointed as liquidators to oversee the proceedings. This development signifies a significant step in addressing the financial challenges faced by Evergrande. It also underscores the complexity and magnitude of the situation, requiring a thorough and meticulous approach to navigate through the unwinding process. The decision emphasizes the need for diligence and expertise in managing the crisis.

Summery :

– Judge Chan rejected the proposal to restructure Evergrande as insufficient
– She ordered the start of the process to unwind Evergrande
– Liquidators at Alvarez & Marsal Asia were appointed to oversee the process

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