In recent news, the Maldives government has been rocked by political turmoil. The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) is reportedly planning to submit a motion to impeach President Mohamed Muizzu, who is currently the target of efforts to remove him from office. In a press conference on Monday, the coalition of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People’s National Congress (PNC) made it clear that they would resist any attempts to remove President Muizzu from his position.

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Ahmed Saleem, the PPM Parliamentary Group (PG) leader, was quoted as saying, “We will not allow them any opportunities to go ahead with this. They will have to kill us all first before they can even think of removing the President from office.” The coalition is determined that such an event will not be allowed to occur, regardless of the wishes of the MDP and their breakaway party, The Democrats.

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The move to impeach President Muizzu comes on the heels of clashes in Parliament between pro-government MPs and opposition lawmakers over differences related to the approval of four members of the President’s cabinet. The opposition has accused the President of being pro-China, which has led to tension and confrontation within the political landscape of the Maldives.

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Despite the political upheaval, President Muizzu remains steadfast in his position. With the Maldives parliamentary elections scheduled for mid-March, the political landscape in the country is expected to undergo further changes in the coming months. The fate of President Muizzu and the leadership of the Maldives will continue to be a topic of keen interest and attention both nationally and internationally.

News Highlight :

– The government coalition PPM and PNC are against efforts to remove President Muizzu from office
– The opposition MDP, which holds a majority in Parliament, plans to submit a motion to impeach Muizzu
– Clashes broke out in Parliament over approval of members of the President’s cabinet
– The MDP and Democrats have gathered enough signatures for an impeachment motion
– Muizzu has formally requested India to withdraw military personnel from the Maldives
– Maldivian MPs voted against the appointment of three cabinet members
– The Parliamentary elections are due in mid-March

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