Inter Miami’s Global Reach with Messi

Inter Miami played six preseason games last season in Florida, mostly behind closed doors with little public attendance. This season is very different as the team embarks on a global tour, reflecting the impact of Lionel Messi.

The team will play two matches in Saudi Arabia this week, marking a significant shift from their previous fixtures. The first match will be against Al-Hilal on Monday, followed by another game on Thursday against Al Nassr, where Messi could once again share the field with his long-time rival Cristiano Ronaldo, assuming the Portuguese star has recovered from a calf injury.

The club has already had exhibitions this year in El Salvador and Dallas, with matches scheduled in Hong Kong and Japan. This global tour signifies a new era for Inter Miami, with larger crowds, significant media attention, and substantial financial implications.

The announcement of Messi’s joining the MLS club last summer transformed Inter Miami into a global brand. The team’s defender, DeAndre Yedlin, expressed his amazement at the influence Messi has had on the team, the league, and the fans.

Inter Miami’s presence in Saudi Arabia is a direct result of Messi’s influence and his ambassadorial role in the country. While the financial benefit of playing in Saudi Arabia has not been disclosed, it is reasonable to assume that it is substantial, given the investments made by the country in various sports and entertainment events.

The team’s global tour showcases the magnitude of change that Inter Miami has undergone. From having less than 1 million followers on Instagram, the team now boasts 16 million followers, many of whom are drawn in by Messi’s presence.

In conclusion, Inter Miami’s global journey is a testament to Messi’s impact on the team and its outreach. The financial, cultural, and sporting implications of this tour highlight the star power of Messi and the far-reaching effects of his presence on the team and the sport as a whole.

Summery :

– El Inter Miami jugó seis partidos de pretemporada en Florida la temporada pasada, ahora jugará dos partidos en Arabia Saudita.
– Inter Miami se ha convertido en una marca global tras la llegada de Lionel Messi al equipo.
– El club tiene partidos programados en Hong Kong y Japón, además de haber tenido exhibiciones en El Salvador y Dallas.
– Messi es embajador en Arabia Saudita y el club juega ahí gracias a él.
– El beneficio financiero de que el equipo juegue en Arabia Saudita no ha sido revelado, pero es razonable pensar que es grande.
– Los saudíes han gastado mucho atrayendo eventos deportivos como el golf, la Fórmula Uno, el boxeo, las carreras de caballos, carreras de BMX y la lucha libre profesional.
– El viaje alrededor del mundo habla de lo diferente que se ha vuelto todo para Inter Miami, que ahora tiene 16 millones de seguidores en Instagram.

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