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The excitement for Super Bowl LVIII is reaching a fever pitch in Australia and New Zealand, with a humorous campaign encouraging fans of American football to take the day off to watch the big game. The campaign, created by creative agency Now We Collide, has even gained the support of ESPN, the cable sports channel broadcasting the event in Australia.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is promoting the idea of taking a “Super Bowl sickie” by encouraging fans to call in sick and enjoy the game. And for those who need a little extra persuasion, ESPN is even offering Super Bowl sickie certificates on their website. The big game is set to air live on ESPN in Australia on Monday, February 12 at 10am AEDT.

The lighthearted campaign reflects the growing popularity of American football in Australia and New Zealand, and the enthusiasm of fans to watch the Super Bowl despite the time difference. It also highlights the power of creative marketing to engage audiences and create buzz around a major sports event.

With the Super Bowl fever spreading, it’s clear that many fans are eager to join in on the festivities, and the campaign is providing a fun and light-hearted way for fans to express their enthusiasm for the event.

As the excitement continues to build, it’s clear that the Super Bowl will once again capture the attention of sports fans around the world, including those in Australia and New Zealand. And with the support of ESPN and the creative campaign, it looks like the Super Bowl fever will continue to spread.

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