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Holly Willoughby has recently issued an apology to viewers of Dancing On Ice, in case they misheard her during the show’s intro. The incident occurred when her co-host Stephen Mulhern startled her by using a megaphone to deliver his lines. After a few performances, Willoughby took a moment to clarify the situation, assuring viewers that she did not say a “naughty word.” She also jokingly blamed Mulhern for being “so naughty.” Aside from the apology, Willoughby also shared her outfit for the show’s movie week on Instagram, wearing a stunning black Rasario dress and Jimmy Choo heels. Dancing On Ice continues to air on ITV.

Summery :

– Holly Willoughby apologized if viewers thought she said a “naughty word” during the intro of Dancing On Ice
– Her co-host Stephen Mulhern startled her with a megaphone during the opening of the episode
– Willoughby clarified and said it was Mulhern’s fault for being so naughty
– She showed off her outfit for movie week in an Instagram post
– Dancing On Ice continues on ITV

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