In a recent discussion panel, Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered valuable advice to students on dealing with examination stress and making effective career choices. Through a virtual interaction, PM Modi addressed various issues related to students’ academic and mental well-being.

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Students sought guidance from PM Modi on how to handle the pressure of exams and study effectively. In response, PM Modi emphasized the importance of building inner strength to overcome any pressure. He advised students to engage in discussions with their families to ease the burden of academic stress. Furthermore, he advocated for the need to develop a positive and empowering relationship between teachers and students to alleviate stress and anxiety.

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On the topic of competitive inspiration, PM Modi encouraged students to focus on self-improvement rather than competing with others. He highlighted the significance of a healthy competitive spirit and the benefits of fostering self-motivation and determination.

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Moreover, PM Modi emphasized the essential role of educators, suggesting that teachers play an integral part in minimizing students’ stress levels. He recommended that teachers should work towards not only providing academic guidance but also instilling mental strength, life skills, and a sense of positivity among students.

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As the discussion progressed, PM Modi delved into the importance of maintaining good health while pursuing academic goals. He stressed the need for regular exercise, adequate sleep, and the cultivation of good habits, such as reading and writing, to enhance learning and memory retention.

Overall, PM Modi’s insights shed light on various aspects of children’s academic growth, social upbringing, and emotional well-being, providing valuable guidance for students, parents, and educators alike. It reinforces the comprehensive approach needed to address the challenges faced by the younger generation.

News Highlight :

1. Students asked PM Modi about handling exam pressure, and he advised them to build self-confidence and discuss difficulties with family.
2. PM Modi advised not to compare oneself with others and focus on self-improvement instead of feeling envy.
3. Teachers should play an important role in reducing students’ exam stress, and healthy competition is necessary.
4. PM Modi advised students to practice writing along with studying to improve exam preparation and time management.
5. PM Modi emphasized the importance of maintaining good health along with studying for exams and getting enough sleep.
6. PM Modi discussed the importance of building trust between parents and children to avoid misunderstandings and distance in times of difficulty.
7. PM Modi advised students to keep faith in themselves rather than seeking advice from too many people, and to carefully weigh different options before making decisions about their careers.
8. PM Modi suggested setting limits on the use of technology and emphasized the importance of healthy habits.
9. PM Modi highlighted the negative effects of excessive screen time and recommended avoiding excessive film watching before exams.
10. PM Modi discussed how he handles pressure as Prime Minister and emphasized the importance of selfless decision-making and working for the country’s welfare.


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