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Abhishek Kumar emerged as the first runner-up of Bigg Boss Season 17 amidst much fanfare and controversy. While many viewers were rooting for him, others expressed dissatisfaction over his position in the top two, particularly in light of the slap incident that occurred during the season. Nonetheless, Abhishek garnered a significant following in the final weeks of the show and was even considered a potential winner. One recurring aspect of his journey on the show was his previous relationship with actress Isha Malviya.

From the onset of the season, Abhishek openly displayed his affection for Isha, leading many to speculate whether his actions were part of a strategic gameplay. However, when questioned about this following the grand finale, Abhishek clarified, “I never wanted to play a game around this. I have had other relationships too in this show and people have seen that, so it wasn’t like I played my game around this topic.”

Although he asserted that he had moved on from his past relationship, Abhishek sparked further curiosity when he expressed a desire to be with someone similar to Isha during the finale week. When pressed on this matter, he chose to evade the issue, stating, “I wouldn’t want to say anything about Isha because the show is over. I would just say that it is now done and dusted, and now no more questions about Isha please. I won’t be in touch with her and I wasn’t even in touch with her for a year until we came on the show.”

Commenting on his work and career aspirations, Abhishek revealed his intention to leverage his participation in the show to advance his professional endeavors. He concluded by acknowledging that while reality shows could be detrimental for some individuals, his experience on Bigg Boss had ultimately been instrumental in shaping his public image.

News Highlight :

– Abhishek Kumar was the first runner-up of Bigg Boss Season 17
– Some people felt he shouldn’t have been in the top two due to a slap incident
– Abhishek played a good game and became popular in the last few weeks
– His past relationship with actress Isha Malviya was a constant part of the show
– Abhishek stated that his love for Isha was not part of his game
– His parents are proud of his journey on the show
– Abhishek is unsure of his next career move but wants to do quality work
– He feels that the reality show has made him and is not conscious about his image
– Isha Malviya called Abhishek ‘Nakli Kumar’ and said he is fake

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