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The experience of playing in a Grand Slam final can be daunting, especially for first-timers, as many players have attested. Daniil Medvedev, the 2021 US Open champion, used his experience to his advantage against Jannik Sinner. Despite not appearing nervous, Sinner was overwhelmed by Medvedev’s aggressive play in the first two sets. Medvedev’s endurance, having spent significantly more time on court throughout the tournament, also played a crucial role in his victory. Despite feeling physically tired, Medvedev fought until the last point, ultimately setting a new record for time spent on court in a single Grand Slam tournament. After his defeat, Medvedev adopted a more positive attitude and even managed to make light of his extended time on the court.

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Summery :

– Experienced players have reported that the occasion of a Grand Slam final can be overwhelming, particularly for first-timers
– Medvedev hoped his experience would give him an edge against Sinner
– Medvedev suffocated Sinner with an attacking approach in the opening two sets
– Endurance and extra time spent on court was a deciding factor in Medvedev’s victory
– Medvedev was physically tired but fought until the last point
– Medvedev set a record for time spent on court at a single Grand Slam tournament
– After losing to Nadal, Medvedev had a more positive attitude and joked about his record time on court

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