The Australian Open final at the Rod Laver Arena was a thrilling match where Jannik Sinner turned the tables against Daniil Medvedev. For the first 85 minutes, Sinner looked disoriented and nervous, being overwhelmed by Medvedev’s strategy. However, Sinner gradually improved throughout the game and eventually emerged victorious.

Medvedev’s aggressive start saw him standing closer to the baseline to take time away from Sinner and return the serve with more intent. He also targeted Sinner’s forehand corner more often, resulting in a strong start for Medvedev. He dominated the first two sets, firing almost triple the amount of winners than Sinner and winning more points in shorter rallies.

However, Sinner managed to flip the story by finding more accuracy and hitting with greater depth. He pushed Medvedev back to his usual deep position, causing the Russian to lose the sting on his groundstrokes. Sinner also began to dominate from the baseline in the final two sets, winning 63% compared to 38% in the opening two sets.

The rally length also played a significant role in Sinner’s comeback. Medvedev’s domination with shorter rallies decreased in the third set, and Sinner began to play the extra point. With Medvedev starting to wear down, Sinner increased the average rally length, making it a contest of who missed first. Sinner’s victory was a result of his perseverance and skill in adapting to Medvedev’s aggressive strategy.

Overall, Jannik Sinner’s remarkable performance in the Australian Open final against Daniil Medvedev demonstrated not only his skill as a tennis player but also his ability to turn the tables against a formidable opponent.

News Highlight :

– Jannik Sinner looked disoriented during the first 85 minutes of the Australian Open final
– Daniil Medvedev used aggressive tactics against Sinner, including standing closer to the baseline and targeting Sinner’s forehand
– Sinner showed glimpses of a comeback, finding more accuracy in his returns, hitting with greater depth, and dominating from the baseline in the final two sets
– Sinner won 66% of the points in rallies comprising nine or more shots, leading to his victory


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