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Sunderland city councillors are pushing for funding to expand the Metro system as a top priority. They are advocating for the service to be extended to Hendon, Grangetown, and Ryhope, along with the re-opening of the Leamside Line and an extension to Washington. The hope is that the Network North program, funded by the £36bn saved by scrapping the Northern leg of HS2, will support this expansion. Liberal Democrat councillors are leading the charge, emphasizing the need to present a strong business case to secure investment. Labour councillors echo the sentiment, urging the government to provide the necessary funding to realize the city’s ambitious transportation plans.

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Summery :

– City councillors in Sunderland are calling for funding to expand the Metro as a priority
– They want to extend the service to Hendon, Grangetown, and Ryhope
– They also support re-opening the Leamside Line and extending the Metro to Washington
– They hope the expansion will be funded by the Network North program
– The funding drive was raised by Liberal Democrat Councillors
– A motion was passed at a council meeting to prioritize the expansion of the Metro
– Councillors are hopeful that setting out a business case will increase chances of getting government support.

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