The highly anticipated conference championship weekend is finally here for NFL fans. The first of two Sunday games will feature two of the best teams in the league, the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs visiting the Baltimore Ravens to compete for the title of the AFC’s best team.

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The Ravens finished the regular season with the best record in the league and will be bringing Lamar Jackson, a likely league MVP, to lead their offense against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Baltimore is vying for its first AFC title of the Jackson era and the first as a franchise since 2012 when they won the Super Bowl.

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On the other hand, the Kansas City Chiefs are aiming to make their fourth appearance in the Super Bowl with Mahomes under center. They are also looking to win their first road AFC title game after hosting the conference championship in each of the last five years. This will be a new challenge for them given that they went on the road for the first time in this year’s playoffs.

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The match-up between these two teams has been highly anticipated by fans as both teams bring a strong offensive game. The Ravens have the home-field advantage and a strong defensive unit, while the Chiefs are counting on their solid offensive line and the ability of Mahomes to mitigate and avoid pressure.

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The game is scheduled to take place on Sunday, January 28 at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore and will be televised on CBS. With both teams bringing star-studded line-ups, this promises to be an exciting and intense game for both players and fans alike. The winner of this game will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, and fans are eagerly waiting to see who will emerge victorious.

It’s a highly anticipated game and fans across the country are eagerly waiting to see which team will win and earn a spot in the Super Bowl. With both teams boasting exceptional talent, the match-up promises to be one filled with excitement.

Summery :

– The AFC conference championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens is happening soon
– The game will be played at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore
– The Ravens have the league’s best record and their defense is strong
– The Chiefs will need to work on their offensive line, but have a strong offense
– The Chiefs will need to focus on their run game and defense
– The Ravens’ strong offense relies on their run game and the match-ups with the Chiefs’ defense
– Prediction is for the Chiefs to win 20-17, despite strong numbers favoring the Ravens

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